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Tim Lynch (05/09/13)
Hoping you will buy my house. Please consider, need to sell.

Arlene Govens (08/09/12)
I am interested in selling my home to prepare for retirement.

KELLY BROWN (03/28/12)
I am hopeful they will be able to help me. we are 16 mins from Dover Downs and Casino, but in the country area. I need to purchase a ranch style home as I can no longer climb steps, I am perm disabled.

David and Rebecca (09/06/11)
Looking forward to working with you to sell our Southern Delaware home. :0)

jane (03/05/10)
I was flipping through the web and your site attracted me. I am looking for a 3bed 2+ bathroom with option of lease to buy. You can email whatever you have but stay in the range of 180K down.

Pamela Holmes (02/15/10)
I want to sell my home asap. Can't afford it anymore.

Barbara Phillips (08/01/09)
looking forward to working with you.letting you do all the work for me.THANK YOU

Tawanda (05/18/09)
Hoping to work with you in the future

Lois Kirk (10/27/08)
I am hopeing to sell and downsize we are retired and have loved raising our children in the BlackBird area !

Faimetta (10/17/08)
I am looking for a home rent with option to buy for my two sons and myself. It must be in a nice area in Wilmington. Thank you in advance.

Margaret Smith (08/12/08)
I am interested in selling and paying off my mother home since her death. Thank you.

karen brown (06/13/08)
i hope you guys can help my family and i to find the home of our dreams in a nice neighborhood with good school district

Darren (02/20/08)
Hello, I am interested in assigning properties that I am under contract with. Do you buy contracts???

Arthur L. Rollins, Sr. (01/23/08)
I am interested in lease purchases for my daughter and grand daughter.

Latoya (11/21/07)
Hey i was checking out this web site i will be looking for a home next year 2008 for me my fionce, two kids 6, 1 looking for nice area and schools, yard, spacey room.